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Ichigo no tame!
Never Ending Story -Hey! Say! 10 JUMP-

Well, Konnichiwa minna-san!

Etoo... Honestly, I bit confused about what I want to share to this journal. So, maybe now I will introduce myself first.

Seshiru desu~ In love in Hey! Say! JUMP. My ichiban is Yamada Ryosuke, but I LOVE ALL OF JUMP members <3
I love to read fanfics, that's why I make this journal :D
I love both Yaoi and Straight pairing, but don't like original characters (OCs).
My favorite pairings are Nakajima Yuto X Yamada Ryosuke (YutoYama/YamaJima), Yamada Ryosuke X Shida Mirai (YamaShi), and a former Yamada Ryosuke X Chinen Yuri (YamaChii) shipper (sometimes I still read fic and flailing about them) ^^v
I hope you can share with me if you have fanfics about them. :)

Urm, since I'm interested in subbing (even it's not much) about Shida Mirai (my girl crush :p) and decided to share my projects in this journal, so if you're here to get the videos, please drop an introduction (name and country where you live) to this post and add me as friend because I lock all of my projects in a week after it's released.

Well, I think it's enough *I'm sucks in introduction*


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47 punches or punch Ainosuke?

- the Pirate Girl -


punch Ainosuke?

Pairing : YamaShi and a surprise~
Author : a depressed ichigoainosuke
Rating : from G until PG-15, I think?
Genre : Various~
Warning : AU, OOC.
I made this because of boredom. My external hard disk is broken and all my fandom life is there. So sorry for grammar and the other mistakes~

Beware! Random Drabbles ahead!Collapse )

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Location: my own world
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5 punches or punch Ainosuke?
Tittle  : Kimi to Itsumo
Author  : ichigoainosuke
Pairing : YamaShi
Genre : Romance, fluffy?
Summary : Because I'm with you...
Warning : OOC, teribble english, and many mistake *facepalms*
and this is my first 'complete' fic ever!

This songfic is for hazel2883
I hope you like it!!

My first fic!!Collapse )

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Music: NYC - Kimi to Itsumo

7 punches or punch Ainosuke?